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The majority of Americans prefer cheaper goods over ones made in the United States, an Associated Press-GfK poll released Thursday found.

According to the AP, the poll, which sampled 1,076 adults from March 31-April 4.:

"Asked about a real world example of choosing between $50 pants made in another country or an $85 pair made in the United States — one retailer sells two such pairs made with the same fabric and design — 67 percent say they’d buy the cheaper pair.

Only 30 percent would pony up for the more expensive American-made one. People in higher earning households earning more than $100,000 a year are no less likely than lower-income Americans to say they’d go for the lower price."

In addition, the poll found that only nine percent said they only buy American.

The poll's results come after some presidential candidates have emphasized bringing manufacturing back to the United States.

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump has insisted on counteracting deals such as NAFTA in an effort to make more American goods.

Likewise, Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) in the Democratic race has called for similar hostility towards international trade agreements as a means of bolstering American manufacturing.

In an interview with the New York Daily News editorial board, Sanders ripped trade deals such as NAFTA, saying:

“Look, these trade agreements, let's be frank. Now, people may disagree with me, all right. My understanding, talking to many economists is, NAFTA, PNTR with China, other trade agreements have cost this country millions of jobs.”

But while Trump and Sanders have each been working a populist message centered on bringing manufacturing back to the United States, the vast majority of consumers are singing a different tune.

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