The New York Post Backs Hometown Hero 'Donald Trump.' 5 Newspaper Covers Tell the Whole Story.

| APR 15, 2016 | 5:54 PM

On Thursday, The New York Post endorsed GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump.

The editorial board wrote, in part:

Should he win the nomination, we expect Trump to pivot — not just on the issues, but in his manner. The post-pivot Trump needs to be more presidential: better informed on policy, more self-disciplined and less thin-skinned...

Trump has electrified the public, drawing millions of new voters to the polls and inspiring people who’d given up on ever again having a candidate who’d fight for them...

In the general election, we’d expect Trump to stay true to his voters — while reaching out to those he hasn’t won yet.

Trump is now an imperfect messenger carrying a vital message. But he reflects the best of “New York values” — and offers the best hope for all Americans who rightly feel betrayed by the political class.

Following the endorsement, Trump's campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, shared the news via Twitter:

While the Post might be on the 'Make America Great Again' bandwagon now, 5 covers they've released on Trump within the last year don't paint him in a very favorable light.

1. July 19, 2015:

Cover 5
NY Post Covers

2. September 17, 2015:

Cover 4
NY Post Covers

3. January 20, 2016:

New York Post 3
NY Post Covers

4. March 4, 2016:

New York Post
NY Post Covers

5. March 27, 2016:

Trump Cover
NY Post Covers

Maybe the Post editors looked at the pool of candidates and felt Trump was the only one with a fighting chance. Whatever the case is, their action is a little confusing in light of the way they've been pretty tough on The Donald until now.