A group of high school football players could end up serving life in prison after taking teammate “hazing” to a sickening new level.

The incident took place at Dietrich High School in Idaho, where three white males have been charged with sexual assault after they allegedly raped a disabled black teammate with a coat hanger.

The victim, who reportedly suffered from "mental disorders including learning disabilities,” was the only black player on the team.

The sexual assault, which is reported to have occurred in the school's locker room, included the school's football star, John Howard, 18 (below), Tanner Ward, 17, and a 16-year-old whose name has not been released because he's being charged as a minor:

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Tarrant County Jail

Howard and Ward (below) are both being charged as adults:

It is believed that Howard initiated the assault. Both students, however, could be looking at a life behind bars if convicted.

Unfortunately, this incident was just the tip of the iceberg when it came to the unimaginable bullying of the disabled teen.

During the time of the rape, reports show that the victim cried for help, yet the coaches looked the other way... And this wasn't the first time they did so.

According to the victim's family, who is suing for $10 million, the victim was tirelessly taunted with racial slurs, such as “n*****,” “chicken eater,” “Kool-Aid,” “watermelon,” and more.

The football players also would hump the victim, even making him strip down naked on the bus and taking photos of him.

That doesn't even include the physical pain the victim had to endure.

During training camp, Howard left the victim unconscious after brutally beating him up in an effort to “toughen him up.”

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Google Maps

The two fought, but Howard was bare knuckled, while the victim reportedly had to wear boxing gloves.

During the time of the fight, coaches were allegedly cheering on Howard, who—incidentally—had been sent to Idaho from his home in Texas in hopes of straightening him out.

However, one of Howard's most disturbing acts of bullying occurred when he forced the victim to learn and then sing a Ku Klux Klan song called “Notorious KKK,” which Howard learned when he lived in Texas:

During the song, the other teammates waved around a Confederate flag.

The victim's family only found out about the sexual assault after his little brother heard about it at school and told his parents.

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