Disabled Teen Victim of Coat Hanger Rape Reveals How a 'Hug' Started It All

| MAY 31, 2016 | 3:28 PM

Last week, Tim and Shelly McDaniel—the adoptive parents of a mentally disabled black teen who was allegedly sexually assaulted by thee white students on the school's football team—just filed a $10 million lawsuit against the school district:

The incident, which allegedly took place in the school's locker room, has two of the students (John Howard, 18 and Tanner Ward, 17, below) looking at life in prison. They are being tried as adults, while a third student has been taken to juvenile court.

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Now, more information about the 18-year-old victim has just emerged, and it makes the crime all the more heartbreaking.

The lawsuit shows that the victim, who was also on the football team, was tricked into thinking that one of his teammates wanted to “give him a hug.” In reality, it was a ruse to hold him down so they could violate him.

After pinning the victim down, Howard, Ward and the unnamed 16-year-old then shoved the coat hanger into his rectum and kicked it deep inside while coaches allegedly heard the screams but looked the other way.

According to the lawsuit, this is not the first time that the victim was mentally or physically abused. The teen was allegedly beaten by Howard (below) in a so-called “toughening up” football drill, and was called racial slurs such as “n*****,” “chicken eater,” and even forced by Howard to sing a Klu Klux Klan song.

Tarrant County Jail

Since the McDaniels found out about bullying, they've been in complete shock.

In an effort to stop the horrific bullying, they're filing the lawsuit, which has their small, ­no-stoplight Idaho town of 330 deeply divided.

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In a town that is practically entirely white, the McDaniels first stirred the pot when they started adopting underprivileged and minority children.

They have taken in more than 19 children since 2000 - many of whom came from troubled families, including the victim in this case, who was exposed to drugs and alcohol in utero.

The effects from this exposure caused the boy to be born with disorganized schizophrenia, which makes it very difficult for him to follow directions and remember tasks.

The McDaniels' lawsuit against Dietrich School District claims the school failed to prevent the abuse, even though much of it happened in front of football coaches and other school officials.

The lawsuit also names 11 school employees who failed to do anything about the victim's abuse.