Westboro Baptist Shows Up to Funeral of Orlando Victim and Has Quite the Surprise Waiting for Them

| JUN 16, 2016 | 9:06 PM

As the first of many funerals began in Orlando on Thursday, people wondered what to expect from groups like the Westboro Baptist Church:

Indeed, the hate group had promised that they planned to protest the funerals:

But as they have in the past, it was regular everyday Americans who stepped up to fill the void.

Taking a cue from the bikers who blocked Westboro protesters from disrupting the families at Sandy Hook:

And the funerals of Oklahoma tornado victims:

Hundreds lined the streets of Orlando on Thursday to block out any protesters:

Rainbows and banners filled the streets:

Those in mourning were blocked from view:

And allowed to grieve their loved ones without interference:

It seems that when it comes to dealing with Westboro Baptist Church's hateful rhetoric, the people of Orlando aren't messing around.

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