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Safety Pin

People are still figuring out exactly what Britain's recent vote to exit the European Union means for the world, at least on a long-term basis.

In the short term, however, some are alleging there's been an increase in the number of racially motivated crimes across the country since the vote:


Muslim Council of Britain Secretary General Dr Shuja Shafi told CNN that hate crimes are being committed at an alarming rate:

“We are witnessing the shocking extent of this with reports around the country of hate speech and minorities being targeted.”

One Briton came up with a bizarre idea in order to show solidarity with the nation's immigrant population.

A Twitter user started a movement to wear safety pins that has caught steam and gone viral across the country, and now, the world.

The 30-year-old, who is named Allison, spoke to CNN about the reasoning behind the new trend:

"There's a woman in a hijab, she gets on the bus and there's an empty seat.

She sees that there is a person wearing a safety pin sitting next to it (and) she just knows that she can sit there and they will not hassle her.

“This is just a quiet way to show, 'Hey it's fine, I'm with you.'”

Folks all over Twitter have begun tweeting in solidarity with the #safetypin movement.

However, many people think the idea is unhelpful, at best, and condescending, at worst.

These people even include Englishman Piers Morgan.

For her part, however, the hashtag's creator agrees that wearing the safety pin can be seen as patronizing, if it isn't paired with some other helpful action:

“I completely agree. It is patronizing if you just wear the pin and think you've done your job.”

"If you're going to wear the safety pin, you've got to back it up.

So if you put it on, you are pledging to support people and to intervene and report if you see incidences of racial or xenophobic abuse."

Since Britain voted to leave, there's been a fierce global debate raging about the decision. Some analysts have even begun pondering how the vote might be reversed.

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