FBI Director James Comey put it succinctly Tuesday: Hillary Clinton was “extremely careless,” but a “reasonable prosecutor” would decline to bring charges against her for classified emails that were included in her personal email server while Secretary of State.

But if the video above from Reason TV is just a starting point, it's easy to see where Republicans will have points of attack against Clinton this fall. The libertarian site has spliced Clinton quotes against Comey's from yesterday, and it shows him systematically dismantling her arguments, such as:

  1. The use of “one device”
  2. That no emails were “marked classified” when sent or received
  3. That there were no security breaches to her email
  4. That she communicated with officials on their .gov emails, instead of their personal accounts
  5. That the State Department was careful with classified emails

Congress is already gearing up for a hearing on the FBI's decision, and if the past is any indicator, Clinton will be back on the Hill soon enough to explain her actions to Congress.

Alex Wong/Getty Images, Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Rather than closing the door on the Clinton emails, Comey has given Republicans the ability to spend the next four months quoting President Obama's FBI Director blasting Hillary's judgment and leadership.

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