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Americans are still in mourning after five police officers died and seven others were injured while monitoring a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest in downtown Dallas Thursday evening.

The protest was a direct response to the recent shootings of two African-American men in Louisiana and Minnesota, both at the hands of law enforcement officials.

While all the attention has been on Dallas, the “Big D” was not the only place where protesters left their mark in recent days.

Other cities where Black Lives Matter protesters came out in full force include...


The protests in Atlanta started off rather peaceful, with thousands of activists taking to the streets:

...including the city's own mayor, Kasim Reed:

Not long after he sent that tweet, however, things took a turn for the worse, with police shutting down major thoroughfares:

...and activists throwing water bottles at tow trucks:

In fact, the situation grew so dire that even the NAACP called on the crowd to disperse.


At least five people were arrested in Baltimore after a major sit-in near Inner Harbor:

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Protestors were out in full force in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Friday night, the town where Alton Sterling was fatally shot on Tuesday evening.

The protests, which took place near the police headquarters, started out as peaceful:

However, someone eventually threw an unidentified object at a police officer, which ultimately led to chaos:

People could even be heard chanting obscenities at the police, many of whom were equipped with riot gear:


Members of the Black Lives Matter movement played dead outside President Obama's Chicago home in order to convince the Illinois Democrat to take action:

Another group of activists (led by celebrity Nick Cannon) took part in a protest in the city's south side. There was also a protest near Washington Park on Thursday:


Protesters have been participating in a sit-in since Thursday; the goal is to keep it going for 135 hours to commemorate each African-American killed by law enforcement in 2016.

According to NBC News, people have even been dropping off food and water for those camped out at Civic Center Park.

The sit-in may have come to an early end on Friday, however, per KMGH-TV.


Hundreds marched in downtown Detroit Friday night, swarming the city's Campas Martius Park:


Thousands of people took over Public Square Park in downtown Nashville Friday evening:

The rally later grew so large that it shut down part of Broadway:

New York City

A Black Lives Matter protest took over Grand Central Station Friday night:

The Grand Central takeover came just one day after thousands of activists went on a march throughout midtown Manhattan, taking over Fifth Avenue...

...and Times Square:


Protesters have swarmed the streets of Center City Philadelphia for several days now:

Several more protests are planned over the next few days, as well:


At least one protester was arrested in Arizona's capital city overnight Friday after protesters started throwing rocks at police officers who were guarding the nonviolent protest near downtown Phoenix.

Police officers ended up using pepper spray to bring the protesters under control:

Shortly after, a local police chief declared the protest “unsafe” and requested that the activists disperse:

The violence also caused massive transit shutdowns, particularly on Interstate 10:

There was also an officer-involved shooting. However, it does not appear to be related to the protests.

Rochester, N.Y.

The upstate New York town has seen one of the few Black Lives Matter protests to become violent, with 74 activists arrested on Friday.

Two WHAM-TV reporters were even arrested by accident during the mayhem:

San Francisco

A peaceful protest took place near City Hall in San Francisco on Friday, as thousands of individuals marched down Market Street in support of the movement:

They were even joined by a drone at one point:


Hundreds of activists took over downtown Seattle on Thursday, going so far as to close down parts of the city's main thoroughfare — Interstate 5:

Again, police had to use pepper spray to bring the protesters under control:

St. Paul, Minnesota

Hundreds of protesters gathered outside the governor's mansion in St. Paul on Friday to show their anger over Philando Castile's death:

There was also a vigil held in Castile's honor:

Castile was fatally shot in the nearby suburb of Falcon on Wednesday.

...and Washington, D.C.

Black Lives Matter protesters shut down the area near the U.S. Capitol on Thursday:

Several activists also set up shop near presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump's soon-to-be completed luxury hotel in downtown D.C.:

And near the building housing the Department of Justice's offices:

The protests have even gone international, with hundreds of Londoners taking part in a Black Lives Matter rally. as well.

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