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Kane Brown is an up and coming country artist who has already had a radio hit called “Used to Love You Sober.”

Brown's star is rising, in part, because of his social media presence. He's constantly sharing updates about life and music, whether he's on the road or at home.

So when Brown shared a new song with his fans two days ago, it wasn't out of the ordinary— but what it's about is.

In it, the country singer reveals some darker moments of his past:

“New song I wrote about my life that most people don't know and I felt like with the hard times going on right now in life with all the loved ones lost around the world that this could touch some people. So if it touches you please share, thank you!”

Take a listen:

Brown's verses range from being abused as a child, to being judged by the color of his skin, to the toll that poverty, drugs and gun violence has taken on his friends.

His mom, who is referenced in words connected with neglect, commented directly on Facebook about her reaction to hearing the song:

“Sure wasn't the time to listen to that while I was at work Kane Brown. I was the best mom I could be I hope you always know that. I love you. You know I am crying like a baby.”

Brown replied with knowing words:

“You were and are the best mom in the world. I love you with all my heart and will always be here for you 100% #1 mom award!”

At the center of this emotional song is the chorus. Its message, is perhaps, meant for his mom just as much as anyone else; “I’m gonna let it go/ Forgiveness is something we gotta do/ ‘Cause if you hold on forever, it’ll hurt your soul / That’s why I’m learnin’ how to let it go.”

Independent Journal Review has reached out to Brown for comment.

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