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Conservative commentator and author Ann Coulter has a new book coming out, and ahead of its release, she talked Trump with Independent Journal Review.

Coulter revealed when she first saw Donald Trump as a serious political contender:

“The Mexican rapists speech! I considered him a serious political contender and in fact, the next president, approximately 1-2 weeks later, when I saw he wasn’t backing down.”

That speech also marked the moment she saw others take notice, too:

“I said it radio shows — Larry O’Connor on WMAL in DC, Mark Simon in NYC, Lars Larson in Portland and Howie Carr in Boston by 2 weeks in: He’s going to be the nominee and he’s going the next president.”

In the nearly three months since Ted Cruz's withdrawal from the presidential race, Coulter has been dedicating her time to writing her new book.

Coulter is hitting the streets of Cleveland during the Republican National Convention. She will be a featured guest at “WAKE UP! (the most fab party at the RNC),” and is also hosting a book signing with Breitbart editor and conservative commentator Milo Yiannopoulos.

Coulter told Independent Journal Review that she's feeling a bit more of a warmer welcome than usual:

"Non-establishment GOPs, or 'conservatives of principle' have generally bit our tongues and tried to enthusiastically support the horror shows our party has run for president in the past.

It’s been rewarding to see how warmly the favor was returned this year — a theme I really develop in 'IN TRUMP WE TRUST.'"

Going forward, Coulter said she's looking forward to “the wall.” But if he doesn't follow through, Coulter says his doom would be imminent:

"If by some wild stretch of the imagination, Trump were not to build a wall — which is absurd, madness, will never happen, we’re getting a wall — it will be the end of his presidency.

The jackals are circling and there will be no one to defend him. It’s happened over and over again to stupid republicans: they sell out their base and then the left murders them with a paper cut.

However, she still underscored that deals need to be made:

“We know he can’t get everything,” she added. “That’s okay.”

Coulter's book, “In Trump We Trust,” comes out in late August.

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