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In the early 2000s, “Jon & Kate Plus 8” was one of the most popular reality series on TV, with episodes pulling in 10 million viewers apiece.

Unfortunately, the same show that turned parents Jon and Kate Gosselin into household names practically overnight saw the couple split up in a messy divorce in 2009.

Since then, Jon Gosselin has remained relatively under the radar — until this picture emerged of him early Wednesday morning:

The photo, which comes courtesy of TMZ, appears to show Gosselin working as a chef at a T.G.I. Friday's. As the gossip site writes:

Jon's been working at the Lancaster, PA franchise for a few months, prepping and cooking family fare. The pic was taken at the restaurant when he started working there a month or so ago.

We're told JG even had to go through chef boot camp...

Note to reality your $$$.

And The Hollywood Gossip laid it on further, writing:

Let this be a cautionary tale to those who seek insta-fame and an Ed Hardy wardrobe.

As the news spread, though, Gosselin took to Twitter to explain just what the media was missing about his new 'profession':

Image Credit: Twitter

As the tweet — which The Hollywood Gossip managed to screenshot before it was deleted — notes, Gosselin readily admits that he's working at the restaurant chain.

He adds that he was, in fact, donating his “checks to charity” and pursuing cooking as a passion, something that Independent Journal Review was able to confirm with a source close to Gosselin.

Of course, others might ask what right a celeb news site has to criticize anyone for holding down a job.

For what it's worth, Gosselin has recently said that he also works as VP of Sales for Embodied Agency — a firm focusing in multimedia and creative projects.

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