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The TV show “Jon and Kate Plus 8” went off the air after the implosion of Jon and Kate Gosselin's marriage. After a slew of court battles, Jon Gosselin has largely remained out of the limelight.

Gosselin does paid appearances:

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He works as a club DJ under the name “DJ Jazzy Goss”:

And, for two days a week, he has been working as a cook at TGIFriday's in Pennsylvania — that is, until this photo emerged:

Though mocked by TMZ for his 'regular' job, Gosselin told KVIL-FM that he was passionate about cooking and will miss it.

“I'm not going to work there anymore because now the trust and teammate work is gone. Because someone took a picture of me and sold it to TMZ. And now I've got to leave a job I was passionate about.”

But he's not the only one who will feel the loss. Gosselin told KVIL that he donated his paycheck from the part-time job to charity:

“I only work there two days a week so I just took my paycheck and I would just donate it charity — whatever charitable organization. One week it was CMN, ”Children's Miracle Network.“ I didn't do it for the money, I did it cuz I was passionate about cooking. I didn't make a lot of money there.”

Independent Journal Review confirmed through a source close to Gosselin that his paychecks were indeed being donated to charity.

He says he started working at TGIFriday's because a buddy called and asked him. He said he was glad that they wanted his cooking skills and not his popularity.

Page Six reports that Gosselin is “still an employee in good standing” at TGIFriday's, so he hasn't quit yet.

Gosselin told the “Kannon and Sybil Show” that the job was fun and something he did when he didn't have the kids:

“When I don't have my kids, I don't really do anything except DJ and work.”

Gosselin told KVIL that he still has a sparky relationship with his ex-wife and hasn't seen his son Collin in two years, something he hopes will be worked out in court.

And he had a message for his co-worker who sold the photo to TMZ:

“Thanks a lot, man. Now I gotta go through all this stuff.”

Sounds like thanks to Gosselin's co-worker and TMZ, TGIFriday's is down a cook, and some unfortunate charity won't be getting a check they could've used to help their cause.

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