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Earlier this week, all remaining charges were dropped in the Freddie Gray case.

The case didn't just present difficult challenges for the officers in question, it sparked riots in Baltimore and resulted in severe property damage.

The most controversial figure during the trial was Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby:

<> on May 1, 2015 in Baltimore, Maryland.
Andrew Burton/Getty Images

In fact, when the charges were first announced, Mosby accused the officers of everything from assault to murder.

Some might even say Mosby was on a bit of a power trip against the six cops.

Before she had even received the police report about what happened, she pushed emotions that were already on edge, telling a church congregation:

"The criminal justice system has historically and disproportionately affected so many communities of color, and what we’re seeing right now when we turn on the news and we open up the newspaper is that frustration.”

Her case, however, fell apart in court.

And now the officers who were smeared by Mosby and painted as criminals are hoping for a chance at some 'justice' of their own.

CNN reported that:

Officers Garrett Miller, Edward Nero and William Porter as well as Sgt. Alicia White and Lt. Brian Rice are suing Mosby and Maj. Samuel Cogen of the Baltimore Sheriff's Office. Cogen was the law enforcement officer who filed charging documents against the officers.

The lawsuits allege false arrest, false imprisonment, defamation or false light, and other assertions.

[Lt.] Rice accuses Mosby of realizing the case would draw widespread media attention and speaking “in a divisive and inciting manner” while making false statements about him.

Mosby's remarks, Rice alleges, broke the state's code of professional conduct, which forbids lawyers from making “an extrajudicial statement” they know will prejudice a court proceeding.

Additionally, the suit states that Lieutenant Brian Rice, the highest ranking officer in the trial:

“Lost his freedom and dignity and suffered physical and psychological harm from being arrested and detained without cause.”

Despite the officers being cleared of all wrongdoing, Mosby still made a head-turning statement about the outcome.

She said:

“I'm anti-police brutality. And I need not remind you that the only loss — and the greatest loss — in all of this was that of Freddie Gray's life.”

The case against Mosby has been circulating since April of 2015, but with the cleared officers in and out of court, it would have been much harder for them to pursue any actual case against Mosby...until now.

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