During Sunday night's women's gymnastics vault competition, American powerhouse Simone Biles took home the gold, and people couldn't be more proud:

wow I did it - Olympic Vault Champion ???????? so much pride in representing the united states

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With that being said, there is one competitor who has been gaining a lot of attention in the United States - and she's not even a U.S. athlete.

That person is 41-year-old Uzbekistan native Oksana Chusovitina, who set a record for being the oldest woman ever to compete in women's gymnastics:

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The Rio games marked her seventh Olympics; she first competed in the 1992 Barcelona games:

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In what was likely Chusovitina's final Olympics, she turned heads as she attempted a move called the Produnova, which many have deemed “the vault of death."

This death-defying move involves a front-handspring entry with two front tucks off the table. It's a move so dangerous that Biles won't even attempt it, because there is such a high chance of injury.

In a final effort to go for gold, Chusovitina put it all on the line as she attempted the stunt. However, it didn't pan out as she had hoped—she ultimately landed on her shins and somersaulted painfully:

Despite not landing the move, people have been praising her for giving it her all:

And while Chusovitina's bravery was amazing, the reason why she has been competing all these years is beyond moving.

The Washington Post reports that when Chusovitina's 17-year-old son Alisher was three, he was diagnosed with leukemia.

At that point, Chusovitina started competing to save her son's life. She needed the money to pay his medical bills.

Thankfully, after years of treatment, Alisher regained his health and is now doing fine.

As for Chusovitina, she managed to come in seventh in her final Olympic meet.

During the vault competition, India's Dipa Karmakar also attempted the Produnova, landing in a crouch position and placing fourth:

You can check out both ladies' attempts here.

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