Women Rally Around Medal-Winning Chinese Swimmer's Unfiltered Comments About Her 'Period'

| AUG 16, 2016 | 8:01 PM

Ian MacNicol /Getty Images

A Chinese swimmer is getting major props for her candidness over her, well, time of the month.

Fu Yuanhui has become a fan favorite at the Rio Olympics for her quirky personality and unfiltered approach.

According to USA Today:

Her candor — paired with animated facial expressions — is a rarity among Chinese elite athletes, who have spent so much time in the rigid state sport system that their vocabulary is often robotically limited by the state parlance that puts the country's honor and national pride first.

Recently, Yuanhui turned heads when she told an interviewer:

“I didn't swim well enough this time. It's because my period came yesterday. So I felt particularly tired.”

Here she is discussing it:

Afterwards, the internet exploded with praise for the Chinese swimmer:

Americans applauded Yuanhui for her honesty and and singularity. But interestingly, many Chinese fans found the frank allowance “poignant,” according to the BBC.

One Weibo (China's version of Twitter) user wrote:

“I really admire Fu Yuanhui, for swimming while she was on her period - women can be affected during their periods, especially with period pain... she felt guilty for coming fourth, but Fu Yuanhui we're still very proud of you,” user TAO wrote on Sina Weibo.

The swimmer took home a bronze medal for the 100-meter backstroke. And after she received it, she swam a victory lap like a boss.