Comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres is feeling the full brunt of an online backlash after posting a joke on her official Twitter account.

After Olympian Usain Bolt brought home his third straight gold medal in the 100m race, DeGeners tweeted this photoshopped pic:

The caption reads:

This is how I'm running errands from now on."

Bolt, who's appeared as a guest on “The Ellen Show,” seemed to think it was funny too — he even retweeted the meme from his account.

But that didn't stop people from hurling immediate accusations of racism Ellen's way:

There was so much backlash, in fact, that Ellen had to defend herself on social media:

However, there were definitely some folks who came to Ellen's defense:

This isn't the first time Ellen has been slammed for perceived racist content. In 2015, the comedian was taken to task in the media for a Nicki Minaj parody sketch — many took offense over the “big butt” jokes.

The contentious reception of Ellen's tweet comes amid the unifying relief and happiness the Rio Olympics has brought to many after a troubling summer across the globe.

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