While the world fan-girls over four-time Olympic champion Simone Biles, she's busy falling over her longtime crush, actor Zac Efron.

It's an obsession that dates back to at least 2014:

And has continued for years:

Ellen DeGeneres even had a Zac Efron-themed leotard made especially for the 19-year-old gymnast:

And while Biles was busy becoming the best gymnast in the world at the Rio Olympics, Efron was cheering on his number one fan the entire way:

Then came the moment Efron flew all the way to Rio De Janiero to surprise the most decorated gymnast of all time:

Biles almost lost her cool:

Image Credit: Screenshot/Laurie Hernandez
Screenshot/Laurie Hernandez

And then this happened and it made her entire life:

What five Olympic medals?

She's now “Mrs. Efron” and it doesn't get much better than that:

But don't let Efron fool you. Meeting the Final Five was also a dream come true for him, too:

Efron even got emotional while watching Biles receive her floor event final gold medal with “Today's” Hoda Kotb, and admitted he had butterflies in his stomach when meeting her.

What a way to wrap up an already historic Olympics!

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