The story of four Team U.S.A. Olympic swimmers falling victim to an armed robbery now has yet another twist — the police and the judge don't believe them.

Legendary swimmer Ryan Lochte recalled being robbed at gunpoint by “fake” police early Sunday morning alongside his teammates, with the alleged assailants taking nothing but their wallets.

Lochte played it cool in an interview with NBC News, saying he replied with “whatever” when the gunmen told them to “get down on the ground.” He also posted this message:

His mom and attorney backed up his story, but police said Wednesday they couldn't locate any witnesses — including the taxi driver — and the men were unable to remember exactly when the incident occurred.

A Brazilian judge even issued an order to seize Lochte’s and teammate James Feigen’s passports as officials continue investigating their claims.

Judge Keyla Blank cited a surveillance video, obtained by the Daily Mail, as the main reason she isn't buying their story.

In the video below, Lochte is seen with fellow swimmers Gunnar Bentz, Jack Conger and Jimmy Feigen going through security at the athletes' village just before 7:00 a.m., hours after the alleged robbery took place.

The teammates had just finished up a late night of clubbing and even forgot to take their belts off when going through the metal detector. Lochte can be seen goofing off with his pal, which the Daily Mail refers to as “horseplay.”

The video has raised questions about how four men who were just robbed at gunpoint could be so nonchalant and continue on with their night.

Lochte’s attorney, Jeff Ostrow, remains firm that Lochte's story went down exactly "the way he described it.”

Many who defend Lochte’s story cite the overwhelmingly high crime rate in Rio, implying that perhaps Brazilian officials just want to save face as the world turns its attention to their nation during the Olympics.

When the judge issued the order to seize their passports, Feigen was still in Brazil while Lochte was reportedly already back in the U.S.

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