'Ice Road Truckers' Star Darrell Ward Dies In a Plane Crash

| AUG 29, 2016 | 2:56 PM

On Saturday, “Ice Road Truckers” star Darrell Ward was at The Great American Truck Show in Dallas, Texas.

While Ward was there, he took the time to say hello to fans.

Ward also shared his experience with fans who couldn't meet him in person on Facebook.

Sadly, the video below is one of the last things the trucker shared on his account.

According to a press release posted on Ward's Facebook page, the trucker headed out to work on a “new documentary style show involving the recovery of plane wrecks” after leaving Dallas.

While filming a pilot for the show, the plane crashed, killing both Ward and his co-pilot. Pix 11 reports that the co-pilot's name has not been made public as of yet.

The press release, serves in part, as a remembrance to the kind of man the 52-year-old was— a tireless worker, a giver, a family man, and a lover of outdoor adventures.

It reads:

"When Darrell wasn’t hitting the Ice Roads he would be back in Montana doing what Darrel loved best as a log hauler and occasionally helped local authorities fight forest fires.

Trucking has always been a large part of Darrell’s life; from running the harvest rigs with his grandparents and family, to driving trucks from Montana to Alaska and all roads in between. In his free time, you could usually find Darrell giving back to the community any chance he got, he had promoted the most recent food drive to help victims in the Louisiana Floods and was scheduled to appear as the grand marshal for the Truck Convoy for Special Olympics in Nova Scotia.

In his free time, Darrell enjoyed hunting, fishing, camping, dirt bike riding and all things outdoors. A self-proclaimed “ADRENALINE JUNKIE”, Darrell was up for any adventure.

His motto, “ANY ROAD, ANY LOAD” fits his personality perfectly."

As the investigation to the cause of the plane crash is still ongoing, Ward's family has made a request that their privacy in their time of loss be respected.

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