Liberal Law Prof on CNN Calls Out Hillary's 'Playing the Village Idiot' Strategy With FBI

| SEP 5, 2016 | 4:43 PM

Appearing on CNN's “Anderson Cooper 360” Friday, Jonathan Turley, a professor of law at George Washington University, said that Hillary Clinton was employing a “village idiot” strategy with regard to her alleged lack of classification knowledge.

As Independent Journal Review previously reported, heads of agencies, such as Clinton was as Secretary of State, receive security clearance training. According to a 2009 Obama administration memo, that training should happen annually.

Additionally, the “(C)” marking Clinton claimed to be unfamiliar with is commonly used to identify confidential material.

In his conversation with Cooper, Turley said Clinton not knowing what the “(C)” meant is akin to “a baseball pitcher saying he has no idea what ERA means.”

Turley just keeps going, eviscerating Clinton's claims for a full three-and-a-half minutes.