Chuck todd poll duo

MSNBC's Chuck Todd has an explanation for Donald Trump beating Hillary Clinton in a big, nationwide poll.

Todd flipped the script and attributed Trump's rise to “noise,” “chaos” and an “electorate that we've never seen before.”

Todd attempted to, as he called it, “unskew” the numbers by explaining that whites without a college degree made up about half the CNN poll sample, while the 2012 polls reflected a little more than a third of the samples including people without a college degree.

Todd switched the CNN poll to reflect the 2012 demographic and voila! Mrs. Clinton won. He touted his result.

As Twitchy pointed out, people noticed:

This Democratic political operative agreed “that's not how any of this works”:

The polling orb at Real Clear Politics, Sean Trendy, noticed Todd's move:

Even Nate Silver over at the 538 Blog raised an eyebrow at Todd's attempt to explain away Trump's rise:

He later tweeted that the change in numbers is what he'd been seeing for weeks:

Scribes saw what Todd was doing there:

MSNBC's 'Morning Joe' host, Joe Scarborough, had his colleague's back:

In the end, Todd may be right to question the poll, but his enthusiastic and reflexive attempt to explain away a Trump lead and “unskew” the poll to gift Clinton a win looked a little like a Dad explaining to his son that the reason he lost the soccer game was not due to skill, but because the other guys cheated.

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