Hillary Clinton is widely perceived as dishonest and a stunt many believe was pulled at the military forum on NBC has some adding “cheater” to her resume.

If you look closely at the video above, you can see a shiny metallic, pearly object in Hillary Clinton's ear.

Screenshot - 9_8_2016 , 9_57_31 AM

When Twitter noticed the shiny object in Hillary's ear, many pundits instantly had an idea of what it might be:

Folks started piling on:

Then a counter-claim arose that she may be wearing a hearing aid:

But another Twitter user made an outstanding case that it was likely not a hearing aid.

It's pretty simple: Look at her left ear in other recent Hillary Clinton photos. There are rumors swirling about her health, but hearing loss is one that we haven't seen so far.

In the absence of hard evidence, such as the possession of the ear piece itself, all Americans can do is assume the worst. If Hillary Clinton and the media were more transparent, then the public wouldn't be left to such speculation.

So, was it an ear piece, a hearing aid, or simply a new fashion trend that Hillary Clinton was trying to set on live TV? Weigh in with your thoughts below.

Editor's note: @RepStevenSmith is not the Twitter account of a GOP representative.

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