Trump Voters Matter: Black Man Drops the Mic After Questioned About Supporting Trump for President

| SEP 14, 2016 | 2:52 PM

It's tough to be black and a Trump supporter nowadays.

A man sported his “Trump 2016: Finally Someone with Balls” shirt at the Pittsburgh airport and was accosted by a man going by “D” about his support for the GOP presidential candidate.

The Trump supporter gave the mic to D, who told him exactly what he thought:

“Black people are they gonna vote for Donald Trump? I was just curious, I saw the Donald Trump shirt. So, pretty much, it stated who he was voting for. I thought all black people were supposed to vote for Hillary?”

The Trump-supporting man hosting the video hit back with his point:

“You see that? 'Black people are supposed to vote for Hillary or Democrat.' That is the problem. Black people are frickin' sheep and herded to one side, without even thinking with their own brain. I'm voting Trump, 'cause it remains the same. He's gonna 'make America great,' in my opinion.”

He continued to explain his support:

“I don't think it has to do with black or white, I think TV is making that a big deal. It's people now, we're all broke, we all need something changed, we all need a real change to better this country. That's why I support Trump, and I'm gonna keep supporting Trump, and I don't care who doesn't like it!”

Then, D challenged him with an argument that Trump is a “racist.” He responded:

“I don't think Donald Trump's a racist. I think Donald Trump's 'rich.' There's a difference. He earned that money. He earned to be in the class that he's in. He's not a racist...”

The video gets a bit graphic in language at that point with the Trump supporter's explanation about Hillary Clinton being a racist, if Donald Trump's a racist. He then fully explains why he believes Trump is better for the country by addressing U.S. policies.

No matter what one thinks about the 2016 election, all Americans need to get a different take about why a black man can support Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton and not betray his race. We're all Americans in this country, and everyone can make up his or her own mind about whom to support for president.

Editor's note: Independent Journal Review is attempting to get comment from the unnamed Trump supporter in the video.