Teacher Rants About 'Racist' Students Wearing Trump Gear for USA Day, Gets 'Reassigned'

| SEP 26, 2016 | 7:40 PM

A Long Island, New York, teacher is in hot water because of what she wrote about why she thinks some of her students are “racists.”

Teacher Veronica Welsh posted on her Facebook page about the Smithtown High School West spirit week, specifically “USA Day”:

As CBS Local New York reports, the world language teacher wrote that what some of the kids were wearing identified them as “racist”:

“This week is spirit week at Smithtown HS West. It’s easy to spot which students are racist by the Trump gear they’re sporting for USA Day.”

The Facebook post has since been removed:

Screenshot/CBS Local New York

None of the kids featured in the school's spirit week video were seen wearing Donald Trump “Make America Great Again” gear, but there apparently were enough at the school to offend the teacher's sensibilities and prompt her political rant:

But this isn't the first time the teacher has gone on an anti-Donald Trump rant.

The College Fix reports that last May, Welsh lamented on Facebook that she had “failed” to have more influence in keeping her students from supporting Trump:

“I feel really (expletive) when I see former students posting things on Facebook that are pro-Donald Trump I’m sorry for failing you at Smithtown High School West. I should have done better.”

As The College Fix wrote in response:

“Failing you”? You’re a world language teacher, Ms. Welsh. The only course which should be broaching the topic of politics at school is something like history, or government, or civics. And from where would you gather the notion that it is your duty to “educate” students on the “proper” choice of presidential candidate? Was your ed school? Some other class or professor?

Newsday reports that the school issued a statement saying it's “administratively reassigning” Welsh:

“Please be advised that we are handling this in a professional manner and all appropriate disciplinary actions are being taken,. This is an extremely unfortunate incident and these actions are not prompted by the Smithtown Central School District Administration and Board of Education, nor do they reflect the attitudes of our students and staff.”

Independent Journal Review reached out to Welsh for comment but so far we haven't received a response.

CBS Local New York reports that some students believe that the teacher's personal Facebook post is no big deal — as long as she doesn't politically proselytize in the classroom:

“She made a mistake by putting the school’s name in it,” one student told CBS2’s Jennifer McLogan. “But she has a right to her opinion.”

“It’s her personal account too, not like she went into school and wrote it or anything. She has the right to do it,” another student said.

“It’s not a good idea because then like she influences the students with the same ideas,” another said.

But on the other side, others felt it wrong for her to make those sorts of public comments. One parent explained:

“There’s no reason for her to pass judgement on those kids on a social platform."

The district reported that while what Welsh did was “inappropriate” and “unfortunate,” she's still employed at this time.