Across the country, Americans are getting married later and later.

For women, the average age of a first marriage has risen a solid 7 years over the past several decades, from 20 in 1960 up to 27 today.

This reality could be why one jewelry company's “anti-engagement ring” campaign is becoming so popular: it's reinforcing that women don't need to be given a ring by anyone else in order to simply love themselves.

The campaign — which was introduced by the Los Angeles-based Fred and Far — is known as the “Self Love Movement.”

In wearing the ring, the company is asking women to make a straightforward commitment:

Like an engagement ring, it's a promise to “honor,” “choose,” and “remember” someone who is loved — but in this case, it's the woman herself:

And it seems like it's a commitment that more and more women are happy to make:

From best friends:

To mothers:

To celebrities, like singer and actress Lucy Hale:

And model and actress Amber Rose:

Thank you @fredandfar for your love and support ❤️

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They're pulling out all the stops to make it happen:

The movement has already taken root across the U.S.:

From Nashville:

To Montana:

And even overseas:

Quand le Pinky Ring s'empare du web. ???? #pinkyring #selflovepinkyring #chooseyourself #bewomance #womance

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Pinky promise to myself. ???????? #fredandfar @fredandfar #selflovepinkyring

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The rings — which contain a white sapphire — can get a bit pricey, though, running anywhere from $150 to $325:

It should be noted that the sapphires used by Fred and Far were all created in a lab, as co-owner Samira Far explained:

“A lab-created stone is conflict-free — this means the stone didn't cause a civil war or force individuals to work in horrific conditions.”

That the stones were “conflict-free” is very important to the company, even beyond the obvious, with Far noting that “the start of your self-love journey needs to be one with clean intentions and history.”

With this trend making its way around the world — despite the price tag (and despite the slap in the face to traditional values that some might see it to be) — it seems clear that this message of love of self is one that speaks directly to the heart of some single women today.

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