Before Debate, Voters in Focus Group Were Evenly Split on Trump & Hillary. Afterwards...WOW.

| OCT 10, 2016 | 4:13 AM

Many of Donald Trump’s critics predicted that the Republican nominee’s campaign wouldn’t be able to recover after 2005 audio surfaced of him making extremely lewd remarks about women. It’s not the first time Trump’s inevitable doom has been forecasted — and it definitely wouldn’t be the first time they are wrong.

Pollster Frank Luntz asked his focus group who they would be willing to vote for before Sunday’s presidential debate and then again after. The results are pretty striking.

Nine voters said they were willing to vote for Trump before the debate, compared to eight for Hillary Clinton.

After the debate, Trump’s support jumped to 18 — and Clinton’s dropped to just four.

The focus group also agreed that Trump won the second debate, Luntz said.

Luntz later admitted he, like many people have done in the past, may have written Trump off too early.

Clinton easily beat Trump in debate No. 2, 57 to 34 percent, according to a CNN/ORC poll. As Jake Tapper noted, the poll skews Democratic and voters still said Trump did better than they thought he would.

On a night that many believed would be a KO moment for Clinton, Trump once again proved he is completely unpredictable.