Kristin Cavallari Says It’s the Skill Gained from Becoming a Mom That Helps Her Ignore the Haters

| OCT 10, 2016 | 6:43 PM

If you're on social media, you have probably dealt with internet trolls, bullies or shamers. But actress Kristin Cavallari has an interesting take on the various types of criticism she gets. And she gets a lot.

What could Cavallari have possibly done that would trigger public criticism? Just in the family category, there are a number of controversies. For example, when the mother of three would run out of her own breastmilk to feed her babies, she would supplement with goat's milk instead of formula. She noted that she, her husband, and their pediatrician came up with a recipe that used goat's milk that could work as a substitute for formula.

Then there was the time that she shared a beach photo of her family only to be accused of starving her children because of how skinny the kids looked:

Even though we're not in the states, were still celebrating ???? hope everyone has a fun and safe 4th! #MyGuys

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And let's not forget the time she and Bristol Palin named their infant daughters the same name, albeit with different spellings:

Cavallari has also spoken out against vaccines, with she and her husband opting not to vaccinate their children. She explained the reason to E! News:

“Well, here's the thing. At the end of the day, I'm just a mom. I'm trying to make the best decision for my kid. There are very scary statistics regarding what is in vaccines and what they cause. Asthma, allergies, ear infections, all kinds of things.”

Kristin Cavallari and husband Jay Cutler:

When this is the only picture u took all night ????

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But the criticisms and blame don't stop there.

Her husband is Jay Cutler, the quarterback for the Chicago Bears. Some sports fans have seen a pattern of poor performance from athletes after they hook up with a celebrity. Cutler is struggling in his athletic performance, even setting a franchise record for “the top quarterback sacked in a career,” for which Cavallari has seen blame.

However, Cavallari takes it all in stride. In fact, while speaking with E! News at the Carousel of Hope Ball, Cavallari shared what helps her cope with the onslaught:

“I've had people shame me for different things and I honestly don't care. I'm so confident in what I'm doing that it doesn't affect me.”

She added that it was something special that helped her get that confidence:

“Being a mom, that's when I feel like I really came into my own and became the person I was always meant to be.”

Cavallari isn't the only celebrity who has credited motherhood with an increase in confidence. Alyssa Milano has also said it increased hers while simultaneously helping her see her purpose in life.