Dad Tired of Triplets Stealing Each Other's Snacks Came Up With a 'Solution' Parents Will Appreciate

| OCT 11, 2016 | 5:59 PM

Jake White is a father to two-year-old triplets, Jude, Xavier, and Stella.

And although life with triplets can get pretty hectic, it's also forced White to get innovative with his parenting style.

So when his adorable triplets started stealing each other's snacks in the backseat of the car, White tells Independent Journal Review that he got “creative” with the solution, “instead of annoyed”:

According to BuzzFeed, White used two pieces of foam core to create a wall, giving each one of his children the personal space they clearly needed.

White tells Independent Journal Review that his little ones respect the dividers:

“They know the dividers are there and they like being able to get away from the others. They were stealing snacks from each other and I didn't want any fighting, so I got creative instead of annoyed.”

The proud dad also tells BuzzFeed that his background in fine arts and emergency medicine has allowed him to creatively design a “safe and peaceful” environment in which to raise his children.

That creativity has also allowed him and his wife to “make more time in [their] day for the learning and laughter.”

People are applauding White for his efforts:

“Haha, I need this in my life! What did you use as dividers!?”

“More power to you!”

“I loved this idea!!! You and your wife obviously look like GREAT parents!”

“Thats hilarious!”


“This is amazing!!!”

And as for who gets stuck in the middle car seat? White admits that they get to pick their own seat when they get into the car.