When Danielle Morin arrived to pick her son up from daycare, she was greeted by a horrifying sight. Paramedics were desperately trying to revive her son, who was found unresponsive after his nap. Though the daycare says the boy's teething necklace is to blame for the tragedy, his mom still has questions about her son's death.

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As KABC News reports, Deacon Morin was rushed to the hospital following the accident at Little Impressions Daycare in Fontana, California. After multiple tests confirmed that the eighteen-month-old was brain dead, his mother made the heartbreaking decision to remove Deacon from life support.

Now, Danielle Morin wants to know how her son could have strangled to death under someone else's care.

The daycare has blamed the amber teething necklace Deacon was wearing, saying that it choked him to death while he slept. However, Danielle believes there must be more to the story.

In a Facebook post, the grieving mom criticized police investigators for not getting in touch with her. She questioned the explanation for her son's death, implying that she holds the daycare responsible. According to KABC, Danielle wants to see the daycare center shut down completely.

In the post, Danielle also thanked the hospital staff for their help during this very sad time:

“They have cried with me and comforted my family. I do not know how they come to work every day but without this team I do not know if I would have had the time with my baby that I did. They have jumped through hoops for me and my baby and I cannot thank them enough.”

The amber teething necklace blamed for Deacon's death has been the subject of wider controversy. According to SheKnows, the necklaces have been growing in popularity, as the amber supposedly releases a natural painkiller to soothe teething babies. The necklaces can be purchased online from retailers like Walmart and Amazon. However, doctors warn that there is no scientific evidence behind such health claims, adding that the necklaces can be dangerous.

The American Academy of Pediatricians (AAP) strongly cautions parents against using amber teething necklaces, saying that they pose both a choking and a strangulation hazard for babies. Not only does jewelry worn around the neck risk suffocating the child, but if the necklace were to break (which some advocates claim to be a positive feature intended to prevent strangulation), the baby would be in danger of swallowing or choking on the beads.

The AAP says parents who choose to use the necklaces anyway should remove any jewelry before the child sleeps or naps. They add that a baby wearing the necklace should never be left unsupervised.

As an alternative, the AAP recommends parents try rubber or plastic toys designed for teething babies. Cold items (like a frozen washcloth) or gently massaging the child's gums may also help soothe a teething baby.

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