Cop Steps Up to Teens Noisily Rocking Out in Their Garage. Then He Picks Up a Guitar...

| OCT 24, 2016 | 7:08 PM

For Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Miguel Garcia Jr., becoming a law enforcement officer was a no- brainer.

In an interview with CBS LA, Dep. Garcia explained that — contrary to what some Americans believe in 2016 — he joined the sheriff's department to connect with his fellow neighbors:

I didn’t become a police officer go out and start arresting everyone. I became a police officer because I have an overwhelming love for people.”

But when he and his partner wrapped up an investigation October 21st, they heard music blaring nearby.

Being the public servants they are, the pair found out where the rock music was coming from. That's when one member of the band, “Misled Youth,” feared they'd get shut down:

“We were jamming and he showed up and we were like ‘oh, we are in trouble.'"

If it were any other officer, that might have been the case, but Dep. Garcia revealed he used to play guitar and instead joined in on the fun:

“I’m not sure exactly what happened, but at some point they put the guitar in my direction and said let’s see what you got."

Image Credit: Screenshot/CBS LA
Screenshot/CBS LA

When word broke about the California deputy jamming out with his fellow citizens, residents began singing his praises.

Yvette Carrillo Acosta recalled:

“I met Deputy Garcia when I used to work next door to his station. He is the most genuine officer out there! He really does care for the people and the city he works for...COMPTON. He would in fact always motivate me to stay in school and continue to work hard. He's my angel!”

Ricardo Aguilar reminded folks there are plenty of cops like Dep. Garcia around the U.S.:

“What a cool cop!!! Still lots of law enforcement like Deputy Garcia out there. Great to hear stories like this one. Keep on rockin'.”

The timing of Dep. Garcia's act of humanity couldn't have been better.

According to Gallup, 48 percent of Americans have some, very little, or no confidence in our police — the lowest rate seen in over two decades.

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