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Kate and Jon Gosselin's brutal public spat continues to shock fans of the once-popular reality show “Jon and Kate Plus 8." Now a police report has been unveiled that shows just how intense the problems are between Kate and her ex-husband.

This week, it was revealed that Kate deeply distrusts Jon and is very worried about the relationship he has with their daughter:

“Gosselin said that she detects suspicious behavior between Jonathan and their 10-year-old daughter.”

While the exact details of that suspicion are slim, the reality star insists that her ex-husband is a bad influence on their children.

"Complainant told PD her ex-husband is a drug dealer, who uses his disc jockey employment as a front to sell narcotics. She also stated he frequently drinks alcohol around the children.”

The situation got especially tense back in 2014, after Jon picked up their daughter Hannah at school unannounced.

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The newest police report states that the 41-year-old mom hired a private investigator to follow her ex and monitor his interactions with the children.

One officer wrote that Kate was scared Jon would flee if he saw the police:

“Katie said that she hired a private detective to follow Jonathan and she was aware that Jonathan was at [the children’s school] right now.

Katie believed that Jonathan was guarding [Hannah] and feared that if he saw her or the police, he would take [her] out of school and flee.”

In April of 2014, the police were called five times in three days, but the officer determined that it was a custody battle that needed to be handled in front of a judge.

And that's exactly where they landed: in court, fighting over custody of Hannah. Jon had claimed that Hannah was unhappy living with Kate, but she fired back with details of his alleged abnormal relationship with her.

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Amy Sussman/Getty Images for Discovery

The judge found no evidence to suggest that Jon had an unhealthy relationship with his daughter, but Kate still retains custody of her daughter.

One source told Radar Online that Hannah “loves her father” and “feels bad” that some of her other siblings have turned their backs on him.

Sources close to Jon claim that none of the things Kate has said about him are true.

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