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The battle of campaign rallies has been going strong throughout the 2016 presidential election, with both candidates amassing pretty large crowds.

Just last month, the Washington Post compared two separate September rallies for both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Trump's had a crowd of 15,000, at his Sept. 27th rally in Melbourne, Florida:

...while Clinton had a crowd of roughly 1,400 people in Raleigh, North Carolina, that same day:

It appears as though Fox Business reporter Adam Shapiro felt the need to compare Trump and Hillary's crowd attendance, too.

At a West Palm Beach rally Wednesday, Shapiro said there appeared to be roughly a thousand Hillary supporters at Palm Beach State College, which was a sizable difference to Trump's rally the day before:

"It's nowhere near the size of the crowd we saw in Sanford, Florida yesterday for Mr. Trump — 15,000.

Take a look, Stewart [camera pans crowd].

There's maybe 1,000 to 2,000 people here today. The Clinton rallies tend to be much smaller and you can see there's empty space here."

Image Credit: Screenshot/YouTube

He just couldn't stop talking about it, adding that if they were covering a Trump rally, the room would be “packed.”

Though Shapiro took a dig at the Democratic nominee for her apparently “empty” rally, those who were in attendance still sang “Happy Birthday” to her.

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