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Just one month after delivering the shocking news that she and Brad Pitt, her husband of two years, were divorcing, Angelina Jolie spent a few hours — four, to be exact — in the hot seat as the FBI questioned her and the children about an incident that Jolie alleges took place on September 14th.

TMZ reported last month:

“Shortly after the plane took off, Brad and Angelina began arguing and Maddox jumped up to verbally defend his mom. We're told Brad then lunged at the boy and Angelina jumped in between them to block her husband. Brad connected in some fashion with his son.”

They noted that a number of things were unclear, such as whether Pitt was drunk prior to the incident or became drunk later, and whether or not the physical confrontation with his son was intentional.

The FBI is currently gathering the details of the September 14th allegations and investigating to determine whether or not other relevant incidents exist. The October 18th interview, which took place at the actress's LA rental home and included several of the children, lasted over four hours.

Us Weekly cited an insider, who noted:

“The agents wanted a breakdown of everything that happened from when the plane took off to when it landed. They’re looking into charges of assault."

And while most people would agree that a thorough investigation is absolutely necessary — especially when the physical safety of children is at stake — a number of Americans noticed that something was a little askew:

Their beef? While finding the truth in a case regarding the safety of a minor is certainly a worthy effort, many noted that the FBI spent less time (3.5 hours) questioning Hillary Clinton over her use of a private email server — which likely posed a significant risk to national security.

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