There's no doubt the nastiness of the 2016 presidential election has been unprecedented, at least in our lifetimes.

It appears the hatred and disdain Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have for each other has trickled down to their supporters, prompting instances of violence among voters.

But amid all the awful headlines about campaign meanness, plenty of religious leaders have spoken out, urging Americans to focus on what's really important — their faith.

Former “Growing Pains" star-turned-Evangelical Christian, Kirk Cameron, told Independent Journal Review he believes the cure to a morally decrepit society starts at home:

"If the root is sick, the fruit is going to be rotten. We’re seeing a lot of rotten fruit in political, economic, social and religious sectors, and the way to fix that is to dig down and repair the root. The root is our faith and that’s how we will rebuild the nation, including electing healthy leaders.”

This performance by Christian singer Matt Redman in Times Square in July 2015 is just what America needs to see right now.

Redman performed his hit song “10,000 Reasons,” people were visibly moved.

Image Credit: Screenshot/YouTube

This verse has particular significance in 2016:

"And on that day

When my strength is failing

The end draws near

And my time has come

Still my soul will

Sing Your praise unending

Ten thousand years

And then forevermore


Watch the full video below:

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