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Todd Kohlhepp has been described by neighbors as a “likable man.” They say that he kept to himself, but was never unpleasant to talk to when he did come around.

A licensed real estate agent, Kohlhepp often had people coming by his house. Thirty-year-old Kala Brown was one of those people. Brown's friend, Lindsey Mayson, tells WSPA:

“We went by his house to get a key before...we went by his house to clean. Didn’t seem like a person who would do anything to anybody. He seemed down to earth.”

But after accepting the job from Kohlhepp, Brown and her boyfriend, Charlie Carver, were taken hostage by the man on his Spartanburg County, South Carolina, property.

Brown was held against her will for two months, chained “like a dog” inside a metal storage container. She says she witnessed Kohlhepp shoot her boyfriend, who died of multiple gunshot wounds. His body was found a day after Brown was rescued.

After police were alerted of the possibility of more bodies on the property, more sickening details about Kohlhepp came to light.

In 1987, Kohlhepp was sentenced to fifteen years in prison in Arizona after he pled guilty to kidnapping. He was accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl and holding her at gunpoint. As part of his sentencing, he was required to register as a sex offender.

According to CBS News, after being taken into custody, the first person the 45-year-old asked to speak to was his mother.

He went on to confess to killing a total of seven people, including Scott Ponder, Beverly Guy, Brian Lucas and Chris Sherbert, all of whom were shot to death at a Superbike Motorsports store in Chesnee, South Carolina. Prior to his confession, the 2003 quadruple homicide had been considered a cold case.

As more details emerge, Kohlhepp's neighbors remain in complete shock. Ron Owen, who frequently saw the man coming and going, tells USA Today:

“It's just very, very upsetting. We didn't think anything about it because we didn't see anything unusual about our neighbor until this time.”

He admits that when he heard the news, his first reaction was to grab a bat, but then he gave it a second thought:

“I know that I am not to take that into my own hands. That's up to the law enforcement people and God will deal with him.”

Kohlhepp is currently being held without bond at the Spartanburg County Detention Center. He has been charged with kidnapping and four counts of murder thus far; additional charges are forthcoming.

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