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Election results began pouring in hours ago, and the number of states that are still too close to call are giving some Americans heart palpitations. And nowhere is this pain more keenly felt than Hollywood...

Alyssa Milano was having a rough night from the start:

She retweeted:

And then, as the states began to be called:

Patton Oswalt was a little more...colorful:

Minnie Driver wasn't thrilled either:

And she added a few retweets for good measure:

Cher started out hopeful:

That escalated quickly:

Mandy Moore started off on a hopeful note, as well:

And then...

Melissa Joan Hart wasn't a fan of either possible outcome:

Ugh! Who else wants to puke right now?? #election

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“Star Trek” alum George Takei chimed in, attempting to be the voice of reason:

Buckle up, folks. It could still be a long night.

***Stay tuned to for continuous election night coverage.

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