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For many parents out there, reading to your child before they go to sleep is a simple and cherished task, but for Lance Lambert, it's a little more difficult.

Lambert, 29, is a war veteran from Watauga, Texas and every night he reads to his daughter, despite the difficult stutter he developed after his service.

According to Caters News, the veteran feels that he is just doing what a good father should do for his child:

“She loves when I read to her and doesn’t care one bit that I stutter. It’s a very difficult and frustrating, but I’m her dad and this is what dads do."

His daughter loves to hear him read her favorite book, “Aladdin,” and doesn't care about his stutter:

“I actually apologized to her for having a father that stuttered, but she told me it was okay and made her love me more.

That really choked me up.”

Every night, she falls fast asleep to his voice.

At the end of the day, Lambert says he just wants to help other dads like himself:

“I uploaded the videos in the hope that others with stammers find some comfort in knowing they aren’t alone in their struggles. And to show future fathers with stutters that we can still do a great job, it’s just a little more difficult for us.

...this is about helping and encouraging other people who, like me, suffer with this every day."

Stuttering can be a side effect of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

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