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When the results of last Tuesday's presidential election finally began to sink in, a number of Hillary Clinton's most ardent supporters were looking for someone to hold responsible.

Many laid the blame on “white people,” “racists,” and “the media,” and a number blamed third party voters general.

But actress Debra Messing (“Will and Grace”) got personal, calling out fellow actress Susan Sarandon for throwing her weight behind the Green Party's Jill Stein when Bernie Sanders bowed out this summer:

And a few of her fans joined the pile-on:

A few turned the tables on Messing:

But when one asked her to clarify just how she wanted Sarandon “held accountable”:

Messing toned it down slightly:

Yet it was Sarandon herself who landed the sucker punch:

She pointed out the fact that the vast majority of celebrities had come out in support of Hillary Clinton. And while a few — like Melissa Joan Hart and Vince Vaughn — had supported Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson, Sarandon had been the only celebrity to officially endorse Stein.

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