Mike Huckabee Visits Israel

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UPDATE: Mike Huckabee said Friday “media buzz” that he was named ambassador to Israel is “not true,” confirming Independent Journal Review's reporting.

Original story below.

A Trump team official told Independent Journal Review that reports suggesting President-elect Donald Trump has selected former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee to be U.S. ambassador to Israel are not true.

Citing a Trump transition official, The Daily Mail reported on Friday that Trump was set to pick Huckabee for the appointment. The report also speculated that one of Huckabee’s first tasks would be relocating America’s embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as Trump previously vowed to do.

The transition official told The Daily Mail the embassy move is “going to happen” and asserted Huckabee is ready to “see it through.”

However, a well-placed source on Trump's team told IJR the report isn't true, but didn't elaborate further.

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Gali Tibbon/AFP/Getty Images

Huckabee did meet with Trump at Trump Tower on Friday. He would not speculate on a possible appointment when prodded by reporters after the meeting.

He was also vague during a CNN appearance and refused to comment on any potential role inside the incoming Trump administration.

“I’m happy doing what I’m doing,” he said. “My job is to listen to the president-elect. It’s his job to make decisions. I did not campaign for him because I was needing work.”

The former Arkansas governor has made dozens of trips to Israel in recent years.

Editor's note: This story has been updated to include new information disputing The Daily Mail's report on Mike Huckabee being selected to be U.S. ambassador to Israel.

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