Mom blogger and reality TV star Jaime Primak Sullivan was tired.

Having just returned to her home in Birmingham, Alabama, from New York City, she needed to make a trip to the grocery store.

But as anyone with young children can attest, there is no such thing as a “quick trip” to the store with two kids in tow.

In a Facebook post, she explains:

"Max, Charlie and I walked in and immediately they saw flowers, then balloons, then free samples. Here is where I lost control, my system breaking down — they were giddy, touching everything, and not at all using their inside voices...

Meanwhile, I was lost. I had never shopped in the store, so I couldn't find anything. As I navigated the aisles, the repetition began. 'Can we get popsicles? Can you hold my balloon! I'm Hungry! Can I eat this?' I was hanging on by a thread. Finally, after the 15th time asking them to quiet down, stand by me, stop touching everything all the while my Jersey accent getting thicker by the second — my face dropped. My chin slumped to my chest."

Sullivan says she was “physically and emotionally exhausted.”

At that moment, an elderly woman dressed in black and donning “beautiful pearl earrings” reached out and touched Sullivan. With a smile on her face the woman said to her “Chin up, dear.” The mom of three admitted to the woman that she was tired, and the woman's poignant response struck a cord with her. She told Sullivan:

“We're all tired. It's just a matter of what we're tired of. I'm tired of silence. My husband is gone, my children are grown and most days I don't hear so well, so for me, this noise is nice. Enjoy it while you still can.”

Though her children were running amok around the store, Sullivan was instantly thankful— the encounter with this woman was exactly what she needed. And when Sullivan got home that night, she prayed for her:

“Last night I prayed for that woman, for her heart and for the remaining days of her life. I felt incredibly thankful that she felt a call towards the human connection and acted on it.”

Sometimes all it takes is a different perspective to remind you to count your blessings.

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