This past few years have been taxing for TLC's Roloff family.

The family has had to readjust following parents Matt and Amy's divorce, and rumors swirled around the youngest brother, Jacob, for allegedly being upset over not receiving money for his involvement in the “Little People, Big World” show.

But as 2016 comes to a close, things are looking up for the show's cast, thanks to Zach and his wife of 17 months, Tori.

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According to People Magazine, Zach and Tori Roloff are expecting their first child in May 2017. The happy couple tells the magazine that they are thrilled:

"We are super excited and can’t wait to be parents.”

Zach and Tori first revealed they were pregnant in a video on TLC's website, before People released the couple's adorable announcement photos taken by Oregon photographer, Julia Green:

Zach told TLC that Tori revealed the news to him while she was practicing her calligraphy:

“I walked into the house, and she had written it on a notepad that she was practicing her calligraphy. And so I was reading through this like, 'alright, it looks good, it looks good.' On the last page she wrote, 'You're going to be a dad,' and I just skipped right over it. She was like, 'wait, hey, you missed it.' She pulled it back and I read it and it was super cool.”

While the sex of their unborn child is still a secret, Zach and Tori tell People that they plan on revealing whether they are having a boy or a girl after Christmas.

Zach is also “super curious” to find out if their child will be born with some form of dwarfism. The 26-year-old admits that will be “a super emotional time” for him.

However, dwarfism or not, Zach thinks Tori is going to be a great mother to the first grandbaby on Roloff Farms:

“I’ll be a fun, hands-on dad, but also the disciplinarian. Tori will be a loving mother hen.”

As far as how Tori is preparing to become a mother, she admits that she's been eating a lot of Gummy Bears, apples, and will do her best to stay clear of the internet for any parenting advice.

The soon-to-be-mom says that if she has any questions she'll be turning to her friends and family for help.

Hopefully this good news will help pull the family even closer together.

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