Though Donald Trump was declared the President-elect on November 9th, a few states are still reviewing and certifying votes to determine their election winner.

Just last week, it was announced that Trump narrowly won Michigan's closest race in state history by a mere 10,704 votes.

As a result, President-elect Trump took home the state's 16 electoral votes, making plenty of Hillary Clinton supporters pretty upset.

As Republican college student and GOP Michigan elector, Michael Banerian, recalls, he's gotten some aggressive feedback from Hillary voters in the wake of Wednesday's announcement.

Banerian told “Fox & Friends”:

"Unfortunately, right after that I got inundated with Facebook messages, emails, tweets, actually letters [sent] to my house, I'm getting like four or five every day...and a lot of hateful, angry messages, death threats, death wishes — the hypocrisy is outstanding.

I mean I watched Hillary Clinton talk about how awful Republicans were and how awful Trump supporters were, and now, not just myself, but electors across the country are being harassed by people that just can't accept the election results."

The 22-year-old explained to the Detroit News some emails called him a “hateful bigot,” others wished he would die:

"I’ve had people talk about shoving a gun in my mouth and blowing my brains out. And I’ve received dozens and dozens of those emails. Even the non-threatening-my-life emails are very aggressive.”

Banerian, who's a senior at Oakland University studying political science, said he isn't at all interested in changing his vote, even if he could:

"The people of Michigan spoke, and it’s our job to deliver that message.”

At the moment, at least six Democratic electors are trying to block Trump from retaining 270 electoral votes by voting for another Republican instead.

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