The story of South Carolina real estate agent-turned serial killer, Todd Kohlhepp, is so disturbing you'd think it was the plot of a horror movie.

Though Kohlhepp has been a registered sex offender since 1986, after raping a 14-year-old girl and spending 15 years in jail, he seemed to lead a fairly “normal” life. A former colleague even called him an “excellent boss” who stood up for his employees.

But apparently the 45-year-old had plenty of skeletons in his closet.

Kohlhepp was arrested early this month after 30-year-old Kala Brown — who had been missing since August — was found chained up in a metal container on his property. Her boyfriend, Charlie Carver, also went missing during this time, and police found his deceased body in a shallow grave nearby.

As NBC News reports, Spartanburg County sheriff's deputies heard banging sounds coming from the container in which she was being held, which was located near his property, catapulting their sex crime investigation.

Horror mounted when officials searched his property, only to find two bodies in addition to Carver's — a married couple (Johnny Coxie, 29, and Meagan Coxie, 25) that had been missing for nearly a year.

Kohlhepp was formally charged with the murder of all three victims whose bodies were found on his property.

It didn't stop there.

Kohlhepp confessed to police he was responsible for a quadruple homicide back in 2003. As of Monday evening, he was officially charged with a total of seven murders, according to WYFF Greenville.

Greenville Online reports Meagan was shot in the head and Johnny was shot in the torso in December of 2015. Kohlhepp allegedly shot Johnny a week prior to killing his wife, whom he murdered on Christmas Day.

The former real estate agent was also charged with unlawful weapons possession and kidnapping related to the deaths of Carver and the Coxies.

He's currently being held without bond.

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