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Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie have been “Today Show” co-hosts for over five years, frequently engaging in playful banter.

But when Lauer joked about Guthrie's pregnancy, the media and even some Americans felt he took things a little too far.

Refinery29 published an article Tuesday, questioning whether or not Lauer “pregnancy-shamed” Guthrie during on live television Tuesday morning, stating in part:

Shaming a pregnant woman is never a good look, especially not on a morning show like Today which is viewed by thousands of women — surely some of them are also pregnant. Someone should let Matt Lauer know this before his next attempt at a playful jab in the direction of his very pregnant co-host, Savannah Guthrie.

With one brief and unnecessary comment on the show this morning, Lauer was able to awkwardly diss Guthrie as well as make his guest, Natalie Portman, extremely uncomfortable.

...Lauer just couldn't let it go. He decided to shame her once again, this time by comparing her pregnancy to that of Portman's....Her facial expression shows how uneasy she felt being dragged into this on-screen banter.

Pick a new gag, Lauer. Every woman's body changes during pregnancy, and that should never be a punchline.

During the segment, all of the co-hosts were trying on Nike's new self-lacing tennis shoes. Since Guthrie is eight months pregnant, her feet were very swollen and wouldn't fit, prompting Lauer to hand her his men's shoe instead:

“Here's a size 11 for ya! No shame!”

He later described the shoes to Guthrie, implying she couldn't see them over her pregnant belly.

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Though Guthrie seemed to laugh at all of Lauer's jokes, some Facebook commenters were not happy with his interaction with the expecting mother.

Corey Malynn Batten called the long-time “Today Show” host a “complete d**k”:

“We've all known this for years. I have no idea why NBC keeps him around.”

Cathy Perry Leonard was NOT having his antics, either:

“He is an continues to be a pig! I don't know why they keep him on the show he has worn out his welcome and continues to be rude and ugly!”

But some women felt raking him over the coals was unnecessary.

Rebecca Lofton argued:

“Matt and Savannah have that kind of big brother-little sister relationship. She's given him crap about his hair (or lack there of) and obsessive cleanliness all the time. She's thick skinned and can give it right back. Lay off, not everything is is a 'thing'.”

Elizabeth Guthrie explained the whole thing as just two friends having fun together:

“I don't like Lauer and did not see this exchange, but from the write up on it here, it sounds innocent. Hosts typically joke with one another. Please. Stop with the overly sensitive bulls**t & stop overusing the phrase 'shaming.'”

Neither Lauer nor Guthrie have publicly commented on the alleged “pregnancy-shaming” exchange.

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