Melania and Barron

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Earlier in the month, James Hunter posted a video on YouTube which suggested that Barron Trump is autistic.

The viral video showed clips of Barron Trump that were accompanied by an explanation of how the behavior is supposedly a sign of autism.

Barron Trump
Barron Trump

Melania's no stranger when it comes to criticism from the public, but she went into “mama tiger” mode when it came to her son.

On November 27th TMZ reportedly contacted Hunter to let him know Melania was threatening a lawsuit. On Monday, he verified that Melania's lawyers had been in touch:

“I've been in contact with Melania Trump's lawyer. This video will be deleted in 24 hours and I will publish a full retraction and apology to Melania and Barron Trump.”

Hunter also explained the purpose of the video:

“I made this because I truly believed Barron was on the spectrum, and I wanted people to stop bullying him over his 'weird' behavior... I have a great respect for [Melania] and her family. I never meant to hurt anyone.”

The video has since been taken down and an apology was issued on YouTube, but that doesn't necessarily mean his legal troubles will be over.

Defamation is defined in YouTube's legal policies as “any untrue statement that is harmful to someone's reputation or causes someone to be shunned or avoided.”

Defamation Youtube Melania

Melania Trump's lawyer, Charles J. Harder of Harder Mirell & Abrams LLP in Los Angeles, spoke out about the video to Us Magazine:

“The video includes the hashtag ‘StopTheBullying’ but yet the video itself is bullying by making false statements and speculation about a 10-year-old boy for the purpose of harassing him and his parents."

If Harder can prove that the claims in the video are false and have been harmful to the Trump reputation, James Hunter could find himself facing defamation charges.

He also could be at risk for violating copyright law and privacy laws for a minor, depending on how he obtained the footage.

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