Outrage Flies At Fisher-Price Over Kid's "Happy Hour Playset." There's Just One Problem With That

| DEC 13, 2016 | 5:47 PM
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Dad Amiri King started an internet firestorm when he posted the “Fisher-Price” bar set he was getting his child on Facebook. [The post has since been taken down.]

While the “Happy Hour Playset” was a Photoshop joke, originally created by Instagram user adam.the.creator, many mistook the image for a real toy and sent messages to toymaking giant Fisher-Price demanding that it stop selling the product immediately.

Whom wants this for Xmas? 😭🎁

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Fisher-Price has been managing the situation by individually responding to people who contact the company with statements, explaining the set is “not endorsed, produced or approved" by the company.


King, himself, was a bit shocked that his post has sparked such outrage.

Issuing a scorching followup response to his original post for all those who thought the playset was real, the dad says:

"Let me tell you something.

I've had big news outlets contact me about the backlash Fisher Price has received because of this photoshopped meme.

People are way too stupid to realize that it's fake.

It's the internet.

They must be new.

I would have no problem buying this for my kids.

Spirits are NOT criminal.

Alcohol has been around for THOUSANDS of years.

It's saved civilizations, inspired pasteurization, fueled revolutions, and has acted as currency...

I wasn't coddled or babied.

I was introduced to life head first, and not sheltered from the inevitable.

My father also took me to see The Three Amigos in theaters.

I turned out fine.

I turned out absolutely deplorable.

So yes.

I'd play happy hour with my deplorable, non coddled, non pussified kids anytime."

While King has since removed his post on the “Happy Hour Playset,” the dad who regularly shares off-kilter content on his verified Facebook profile, is at it again with the new “Macy's” gift he just picked up...

If you saw the “Happy Hour Playset,” would you have thought it was real?