America's Prayers Have Been Answered: McDonald's Will Soon Start Delivering Hot Fries to Your Doorstep

| DEC 17, 2016 | 1:15 PM

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The signing of the Declaration of Independence, the pilgrims landing at Plymouth Rock, the first moon landing — these are all great moments in America's history, moments that have helped define us as a people and a nation.

Well, history will smile upon this moment, too, for the long-thought impossible, yet forever dreamed of, is now set to happen.

McDonald's is going to start delivering.

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The announcement is one of several interesting directions the company has taken in recent months. Earlier this year, McDonald's announced that it would respond to mandatory minimum wage hikes by replacing some workers with automation and adding self-serve kiosks for customers.

Former McDonald's CEO Ed Rensi told Fox News:

“It's cheaper to buy a $35,000 robotic arm than it is to hire an employee who's inefficient making $15 an hour bagging french fries.”

The delivery service will be available in Florida via Uber's new UberEats service at first, and based on feedback from Florida customers, McDonald's will make the decision whether or not to expand delivery service to other states.

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Delivery service is one more step in McDonald's effort to offer customers the “experience of the future,” which includes table service, lattes, and the aformentioned self-serve kiosks, according to CNBC. McDonald's also plans to start letting customers pay with a mobile app sometime next year.

And though the news may come as a surprise, people were quick to respond to it on social media.

Some aren't too keen on the idea:

These Twitter users were even a little frightened:

Proving the demand, one college student made the suggestion almost two weeks ago — while studying for final exams:

Ironically, when asked about delivery service in the United States just two weeks ago, McDonald's had this to say:

And many of you might be wondering just how they plan to keep those french fries hot on the drive to your house.

So far, there haven't been too many unqualified positive reactions, but critics should know that UberEats has more to offer than McDonald's — it's currently offering a plethora of restaurants everywhere the service is available — including other franchises like Olive Garden and Chili's.

Whether the Mickey Dee's delivery service takes off or not, it looks like Disney will no longer be the reason for Florida to boast being the “greatest place on earth.”