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On Monday, Russia mourned the assassination of its ambassador, and Germany mourned the tragic deaths of at least 12 lives after a truck plowed into a Christmas market.

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Also on Monday, President Barack Obama played golf in Hawaii.

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It may seem strange that amid Europe's nightmare, the president took advantage of his time in paradise, but this seems to be a pattern for him. As the New York Times noted:

"With some rare exceptions, the public relations team around the president has remained consistently stubborn about refusing to let the never-ending stream of political, economic or international crises affect Mr. Obama’s daily schedule.”

Four tragedies that occurred during President Obama's time in office demonstrate that his decision to stick to his schedule is a predictable behavior.


U.S. Ambassador, Chris Stevens, is carried out of the consulate after an attack on September 11, 2012. AFP / Stringer / Getty Images

On September 11, 2012, Libyans attacked the United States consulate in Benghazi.

Ambassador Chris Stevens, information officer Sean Smith, and two CIA operatives, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, were killed.

John Gurzinski/Getty Images

On September 12, 2012, President Obama attended a campaign rally event in Las Vegas, Nevada.

He thanked the woman who introduced him, addressed what happened the night before and then segued into his campaign promises. After he discussed the loss of four American lives, he said:

“And that's what I want to talk to you about here today. We've got work to do overseas; we've also got to do some work here at home. And we've got to do some work right here in the great State of Nevada.”

The Beheading of James Foley


American journalist James Foley was captured by ISIS and later beheaded by Jihadi John. His death was recorded and released as part of an ISIS propaganda video.

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After President Obama offered his condolences to the parents of James Foley, he spent the day on a golf course in Martha's Vineyard, where his family was on vacation.

In an interview with NBC's Chuck Todd, he said:

“It's always a challenge when you're supposed to be on vacation because you're followed everywhere. But there's no doubt that after talking to the families, when it was hard for me to hold back tears, I should have anticipated the optics. That's part of the job.”

Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 Crash

Bulent Kilic/Getty Images

298 people, including one American, died in a plane that crashed in Ukraine after the detonation of a Russian missile.

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After giving a brief statement, President Obama attended two fundraisers benefitting House and Senate Democrats in New York City.

Funeral of Major General Harold Greene

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Major General Harold Greene was the highest ranking service member to die in combat since the Vietnam War. He was killed in Afghanistan and buried in Arlington Cemetery on August 14, 2014.

Saul Loeb/Getty Images

President Obama did not attend the funeral. He was on vacation in Martha's Vineyard and went to the golf course instead.

His decision to play golf and attend fundraisers amidst American loss of life has not gone without notice.

President-elect Donald Trump's Chief of Staff, Reince Preibus, once tweeted:

“With all that is going on, the last thing the President should be doing is fundraising right now. Now is a time for leadership."

When asked by Sean Hannity if there is an area of the world that Obama has made more tranquil, Senator John McCain responded, “wherever there's a fundraiser.”

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