Olivia Newton-John's daughter, Chloe Lattanzi, has experienced her fair share of controversy — whether it's rumors of drug addiction, her battle with anorexia, or rumors that she photoshops pictures of herself. But the latest episode in the Lattanzi saga has her battling a perverted fan publicly — then apologizing for it.

The 30-year-old singer shared an explicit picture on Instagram on Thursday — a picture of a fan's penis that he had sent to her unsolicited.

The caption called the sender a “perverted f****r” as Lattanzi made her feelings on the matter very, very clear:

“I'm so tired of these disgusting perverts assaulting my eyes. The only penis I want to see is my fiancé's.”

She explains further, with a warning to other women and to men who get the notion to send her photos of their private parts:

“I was nice to a fan, and then he starts harassing me with pictures of d***s. Women, if men do this to U don't let em get away with it. Gross! Perverted! (sic). I didn't have time to expose all the other pervs. But sending a clear message. U send this. I'll expose you.”

Check out my snApchat chloelattanzi for live access Hollywood feed! Airing 12 pm today!

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Then, about an hour after that post, Lattanzi deleted it and posted something else in its place: an apology.

Apparently, upon reflection, Lattanzi realized that she'd done the very thing, more or less, to her fans that the “pervert” had done to her — she'd exposed them to graphic sexual images without warning.

Her apology was accompanied by a Snapchat video complete with a digital animal mask and a high-pitched voice effect:

“Took down the d*** pic. I was just tired of it and wanted to expose the b*****d. Now I realize I violated you. You shouldn't have to see what I saw! I'm so sorry I didn't think it through. I love u guys. I violated your eyes I apologize.”

It was a move her fans seemed to appreciate:

“Yass! Lots of girls don't know that. Men think they can send stuff like that and it's just not okay.”

“It's fine hun, we won't hold anything against you. 😊”

“I missed it, I needed a good laugh today !! you go girl.”

“Gota be careful who ya talk to love... stay safe”

The initial post and the apology do bring up an interesting question: does reporting on a transgression constitute another transgression, if people are still exposed to the original offending material?

Not everyone is offended by so-called “d**k pics.” A woman named Madeleine Holden actually runs a site where she charges men for the honor of having their penis pics critiqued “lovingly.”

But an overwhelming number of women and men likely don't want unsolicited images of men's private parts.

Lattanzi's long-time fiancé is jiu-jitsu instructor James Driskill. The couple is reportedly tying the knot this year after getting engaged in 2012.

Lattanzi credits Driskill for helping her win her battle against anorexia.

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