Kortney Miller and her husband, Justin, were already parents to their 4-year-old son, Bentlee, when they learned they were expecting again.

As the Daily Mail reports, multiples run in Kortney's family, but no one has ever conceived quadruplets. In fact, there is only a 1-in-700,000 chance that any woman will conceive quads naturally.

Kortney and Justin are now a part of that rare group.

According to Huggies, 90% of multiple pregnancies are twins, while the last 10% is shared between triplet, quadruplets, and so on.

Huggies also suggests that, “although rare,” Kortney's family history may have had a lot to do with her ability to conceive quads naturally:

“A mother has a family history of multiple births. If she is a multiple herself or her mother and/or sisters naturally conceived multiple babies, then she is more likely to as well. This is because there is a genetic link of hyper ovulation amongst the women in some families.”

And while there are many risks that come with carrying so many babies at one time, including miscarriage, all four of Kortney and Justin's children were born at 29 weeks.

Although born premature, weighing only three pounds each, Kourtney tells Daily Mail that despite not expecting their newest additions at home until next month, her three boys and one girl are all little fighters:

“I am doing so much better now that they are here. We are so excited and blessed to have four healthy babies.”

Their doctor, Neonatologist Adegboyega Aderibigbe, says that their birth could not have gone more smoothly, thanks to the “quad squad's team work.”

As Fox 13 reports, Kourtney and Justin named their boys Brandon, Brayden, Bryant, and their first daughter, Kenlee.

All four of the quads are still being monitored at Georgia's Piedmont Newnan Hospital's neonatal intensive care unit, but are continuing to thrive.

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